North Cottonwood Creek Trail

Length of Hike: 6 miles RT

Difficulty Level: Moderate

The trail head starts at an elevation of 9,545 ft and continues to an elevation of 10,824 ft and offers exceptional scenery while passing through a variety of life zones. It is 3 miles to Chalk Creek Trailhead. For the adventurous, take the right fork and hike toward Horn Fork Basin which will eventually lead you underneath Mt. Harvard (14,420 ft) and Mt. Columbia (14,077 ft). Take advantage of this trail in the peak of summer for wildflower season with July being the best month for the breathtaking flowers.


Directions to North Cottonwood Creek Trail

This trail is 8 miles outside of Buena Vista off CR 306. (35-minute drive time from Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort). From the resort, CR 321 will take you up the hill and intersect with CR 306 just after Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Turn left on CR 306 and drive about 1.7 miles to CR 361. Turn right on CR 361 – follow the road as it turns for 2.5 miles until you come to CR 365. Left on CR 365 – find the trailhead on your left in 5.3 miles.

10 Hiking Essentials

  1. Water (1.5 Liters per person per 5-6 hours)
  2. Snacks (Beef Jerky, nuts, power bar)
  3. Navigation (map and compass and/or GPS)
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Extra clothing (hat, socks, gloves)
  6. First aid supplies
  7. Light (headlamp or flashlight)
  8. Fire starter and matches/lighter
  9. CD Rom or mirror, whistle, mosquito repellant
  10. Emergency shelter (Biffy Bag)



*****Please Remember*****

You are starting your adventure at roughly 8,000ft.

You are likely going to an even higher altitude – hydration is key.

Water, Water, Water!

This activity is an extreme test of a person’s physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for property loss, serious injury, and even death.  The risks include, but not limited to:  actions of other people, lack of hydration, weather, and/or other natural conditions.  Princeton Holdings, LLC DBA Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort is not liable for any injury, property loss, damage, death, etc. occurring due to any activity outlined by any information sheet provided by the property.  Guests are participating in these activities on their own merit and assume all liability, with no liability to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort or its agents.


Surrounding Towns

Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista, Colorado is just 9 miles from Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort. This unique mountain town is located on the Arkansas River. There are many shopping opportunities along with restaurants, a brewery and a distillery. LEARN MORE

Salida, Colorado

Salida, Colorado is 21 miles from the resort. This is Colorado’s largest National Historic District. Dine on the banks of the Arkansas River and explore the many art galleries in this historic downtown. This area was named Colorado’s first Creative Arts District. LEARN MORE


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