Fitness Classes Daily



Fitness classes are complimentary to overnight guests.

Age 16+

$10 for locals and free 30 minutes soak afterword

This class is specifically geared for Seniors! Come join us in the pool for a gentle, shallow-water total-body conditioning class. This class will improve your range of motion, agility, and cardiovascular health which will translate to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Fitness Classes

  • All Fitness levels are welcome
  • Participants must be at least 16 years old
  • All classes are 60 minutes
  • No reservations required for fitness classes.
  • Indoor cycling: space is limited (first come first serve)
  • Please arrive at specified time and place for each class.
  • Class schedule subject to change.


This is high energy class performed to the music in a beautiful watery workout scene. It has many incredible benefits- high caloric burn, lean muscle-building, increased circulation, cellulite reduction- combined with the low impact on joints.

AQUACISE is an all levels water fitness class, that combines a gentle warm up and stretch, with 15-20 min of aqua HIIT training. *Higher Intensity Interval Training paired with moderate cardio*. To round the class off, noodles and/or water weights are utilized, to maximize a head to toe stretch, strengthening, and resistance workout routine.

Take the asanas and poses of tradition yoga into the water for a soothing and one-of-a-kind water workout. The hot springs water encourages the use of yoga for maximum stretching and breathing with the wonderful mountains as a backdrop.

Yoga is one of the most popular form of physical exercise based upon asanas (physical poses) to promote improved control of mind, body and to enhance well-being. This mat based class is easy for joints and perfect for each level.

This mat-based class is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the entire body. The blend of strength and flexibility training improves posture, reduces stress, and creates long, lean muscles.

Designed for the beginner or elite athlete, cardio kickboxing combines punches and kicks with fast-paced cardio for a full-body workout. This high energy class will build your endurance, improve coordination, increase flexibility, and help you build lean muscle. Get ready for an awesome, FUN, and effective workout!

This traditional indoor cycling classes offer a non-impact, highly effective way to build cardiovascular strength and endurance. Designed for all levels, these classes offer challenging opportunity to get your heart pumping, burn serious calories and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment and perhaps a desire to be out on the road. AND you don’t have to wear a helmet. Grab the water bottle and come to the fitness room for a ride!

Join us for a gentle and relaxing class that includes a warm up, fundamentals, introduction of basic forms, and practicing forms in sequence. Tai Chi is an excellent form of exercise that focuses on relaxation, coordination, strength and concentration. This Yang style form of martial arts is accessible to most people without previous experience.

An energetic dance class with various levels incorporated into a fun format. This dance-fitness class incorporates dance movements into a dynamic and exhilarating party-like atmosphere! Don’t be intimidated by the dancing- this program integrates aerobic, interval, and resistance training for a full body workout.

These water exercises challenge your stability, core strength and develop your breathing. Traditional Pilates exercises are translated into a pool setting using pool noodles, water weights, the pool wall and floor for assistance.

PiYO is the perfect blend of Pilates, Yoga, sports stretch, dance stretch, and toning. This mat-based class is easy on the joints, yet delivers strength, balance, agility and flexibility in one unique calorie burning workout.

Restorative yoga is designed as a comprehensive session to support one’s ability to move, live, and breathe more naturally and healthfully. Tailored to each individual, this therapeutic Yoga based exercise and wellness program organically moves into the source of challenged movement, highly functional solutions and adaptive yoga skills, giving you lasting benefits while optimizing stretching, mental balancing and breathing.

Designed for the beginner or elite athlete, bootcamp combines strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement patterns for a total body burn! This class is presented in a circuit format that is fun and energizing!

This is a fun toning and stretching class that is the perfect treat for muscles that have just climbed a 14er or simply need a workout after a long car ride! We start with a 10 minute warm-up then move into toning for arms, legs, and abdominals. The class also includes stretching, balance, and relaxation. This workout

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