Swim lessons are now available at Mount Princeton. Due to safety restrictions at this time, we are offering only private and semi-private swim lessons. To schedule fill out the form below. To make a payment call 719.398.4070. Our instructors will contact you to schedule a lesson. To address safety concerns there is a possibility to schedule swim lessons outside of public hours (daily 8:00-9:00 AM). All the swim lessons will be at the upper pool.

Prices & Packages

1 lesson 1 Child $30

4 lesson 1 Child $120

6 lesson 1 Child $180

1 lesson 2 Children $50

4 lesson 2 Children $200

6 lesson 2 Children $300

1 lesson 3 Children $75

4 lesson 3 Children $300

6 lesson 3 Children $450


Are masks required in the pool?
No, but please wear a mask on the pool deck.

Are locker rooms available?
No. Please come dressed up for your lesson.

Can I stay and soak after swim lessons?
Price doesn’t include a soak. If you would like to stay and soak afterward please purchase a day pass.

Swim Classes