Fourmile Travel Management Area

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Fourmile Travel Management Area

Various Trails to choose from – see Fourmile hiking guide at parking lot

Difficulty Level: Moderate

This vast area, 100,000 acres of public wilderness, with the total trail and loop being 11.7 miles, is a local mecca for hiking, biking, and four wheeling. There are incredible views of the Collegiate Peaks and Arkansas River Valley with dispersed camping all over the area. You will encounter nice rock formations and trees as the terrain varies from evergreen mountains to a Moab-like scene where the sense of connecting with nature is unspoiled. Additional attractions are Buffalo Peaks (13er’s), the historic Midland Tunnels, Turtle Rock, Brush Park, and Davis Meadow which has historical remnants and is an autumn wonderland. Brush Park contains Salt Creek which has no ATV access or horseback riding because it is home to an almost extinct “Boreal Toad”. These toads are in the southern Rocky Mountains and their population is on the decline (almost extinct) because of a chytrid fungus.


Directions to Fourmile Trail

From Buena Vista, drive north on Colorado Avenue, this turns into CR 371.  You will cross the river and continue to CR 375 which is right before Midland tunnels. (22-minute drive time from Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort)

10 Hiking Essentials

  1. Water (1.5 Liters per person per 5-6 hours)
  2. Snacks (Beef Jerky, nuts, power bar)
  3. Navigation (map and compass and/or GPS)
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Extra clothing (hat, socks, gloves)
  6. First aid supplies
  7. Light (headlamp or flashlight)
  8. Fire starter and matches/lighter
  9. CD Rom or mirror, whistle, mosquito repellant
  10. Emergency shelter (Biffy Bag)

Surrounding Towns

Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista, Colorado is just 9 miles from Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort. This unique mountain town is located on the Arkansas River. There are many shopping opportunities along with restaurants, a brewery and a distillery. LEARN MORE

Salida, Colorado

Salida, Colorado is 21 miles from the resort. This is Colorado's largest National Historic District. Dine on the banks of the Arkansas River and explore the many art galleries in this historic downtown. This area was named Colorado's first Creative Arts District. LEARN MORE

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