At The Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort Spa & Club

 Access Included With Overnight Stay or Spa Treatment

Day Passes Available | Adults Only Age 16+


At The Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort Spa & Club

 Access Included With Overnight Stay or Spa Treatment

Day Passes Available | Adults Only Age 16+




Reservations: 719-395-2447 #5555

Spa Treatment Specials

All Spa treatments include full day access to Spa & Club, all hot springs and fitness classes.

Peppermint Scalp Massage

Add on an additional 15 Minutes to your already specialized treatment with the Peppermint Scalp Massage.  Your Service Provider will massage your scalp with warm oil and cooling peppermint essential oil to invigorate your scalp and nourish your hair.




Reservations: 719-395-2447 #5555


Cranberry Pomegranate/Mango Body Wrap


Celebrate the season with this luxurious treatment.  Wrapping you in Head to toe with Decadent Cranberry Pomegranate and Mango Eminence Products to exfoliate and nourish your skin from head to toe.  Followed by a relaxing Swedish massage.  90 Minutes



Reservations: 719-395-2447 #5555


Ultra Lifting Facial

Get ready for the holiday season with a 45 minute skin lifting facial.  This facial is designed to brighten and lift your skin for the upcoming holidays.  It includes a 30 minute rejuvenating facial with special enhancements to lift and minimize fine lines of the neck and eye areas.




Reservations: 719-395-2447 #5555

Mixology Monday

Your esthetician will combine the finest Eminence Products to provide for a deep exfoliation and ultimate hydration for every skin type.  This month the esthetician will use a combination of 5% Pumpkin enzyme with a Pumpkin Hydration Masque with the addition of Organic Botox for the eyes and Lip Plumbing treatment to finish off your ultimate facial.

(not just for Mondays!)

Facial Special $160 | 75 minutes


Reservations: 719-395-2447 #5555

Spa Packages

Mt. Princeton Signature Treatment

$210 90 min.

Nurture yourself with the ultimate package! This treatment begins with a “stroke of youth” face, neck, shoulder, and scalp massage. Your therapist will then pamper you with a full body Swedish massage followed by a luxurious foot cleanse and reflexology. Finish your spa experience with a full body sugar scrub to exfoliate and nourish your skin. Aromatherapy will be sprinkled throughout this service to tantalize and refresh your senses.

Relaxation at Elevation

$210 90 min.

Adjusting to higher elevations is never easy. Why not gift yourself a little extra nourishment while your body adjusts? This therapeutic treatment combines the balancing properties of our Arkansas River hot stone therapy with the healing effects of a deep tissue massage. We will further indulge you with hot, steamy towels and an aromatherapy treatment.

Traveler’s Relief

$250 120 min.

After a long journey indulge in a 2-hour treatment for your entire body. A one hour Swedish massage is coupled with a one hour customized facial for a full body release. Our esthetician will further relieve any remaining tension with an exfoliating and hydrating hand & foot sugar scrub.


Rejuvenating Face, Hand, and Foot Massage

$85  30 Min.

A perfect rejuvenation of the face, hands, and feet using warm towels, reflexology and essential oils.


$125 60 Min.

Specific gentle massage techniques and body positioning are used to increase circulation, alleviate strained, tired muscles, reduce water retention, and alleviate stress, pampering both baby and mother-to-be.


$130 60 Min.

This massage is designed specifically for people who are active and work out often. Your massage therapist will focus on preventing and treating injuries and enhancing athletic performance.


$80 30 Min.

$115 60 Min.

$150 90 Min.

A classic Swedish massage using a variety of strokes with light pressure leaving the body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Hot Stone

$90 30 Min.

$130 60 Min.

$175 90 Min.

This therapy uses smooth, heated stones throughout a Swedish massage to warm and loosen tight muscles. Reach a state of deep relaxation while balancing the energy centers in your body.

Deep Tissue

$90 30 Min.

$130 60 Min.

$175 90 Min.

This therapeutic massage targets deeper levels of the muscle and connective tissue. This treatment can help alleviate chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, or aid in recovery from injury.

Couples Massage

$160 30 Min.

$230 60 Min.

$300 90 Min.

Relax and unwind with your partner, friend, or family member during a Swedish massage for two. Enjoy a complimentary warm towel therapy with this service. You can always upgrade this to any of our other massages as a couples massage, too.

Body Treatments

Sugar Glow

$85 30 Min.

This treatment exfoliates, re-mineralizes and deeply hydrates the skin with the use of raw sugar cane and various oils. Your therapist utilizes a sugar scrub from the all-organic Eminence skin care line leaving your skin nourished, silky, soft, and supple.

Blueberry Bliss

$150 60 Min.

Treat yourself to a luxurious, slimming body treatment with an anti-oxidant-rich blueberry blend and naturally hydrating soy yogurt to replenish dry skin. The treatment begins with a rejuvenating blueberry sugar scrub then our blueberry soy slimming body wrap will tone and tighten, stimulating your circulation to refine and strengthen your skin structure. Finish off with a scrumptious whipped blueberry soy massage soufflé that will leave your skin hydrated and refreshed.


$150 60 Min.

Numerous therapeutic essential oils are dropped along the spine in a raindrop fashion energetically inducing deep relaxation. Warm towels infuse the oils, complemented with massage to release stress and bring a feeling of renewal.

Massage Enhancements

(no extra time, just added goodness!)

Aromatherapy-infused Hot Face Towel

$20 0 Min.

Add an extra touch of magic to any massage with this warm, essential oil-infused face towel treatment.

Massage Add-ons

(add 15 minutes to any massage)

Leg Treatment

$40 15 Min.

This amazing treatment for the legs will help alleviate stress caused by exercise or standing. A popular choice for those that travel, experience poor circulation, or want to improve the appearance of their legs, this delightful firming treatment is sure to impress with its fast and active results.

Soothing Sun Relief

$40 15 min.

This 15-minute treatment can be added to any massage. Give your skin a much-needed sun relief treatment after spending time in our high-altitude sun. Your therapist will cool your skin and then apply an all-organic hydrating and nourishing lotion to your whole body from the Eminence skin care line.

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

$40 15 min.

Add an extra touch of pleasure with this 15-minute hot oil scalp massage. Your therapist will indulge your scalp, hair, and neck with the essential oil of your choice.

Aromatherapy Foot Massage

$40 15 min.

Pamper yourself with a relaxing hot oil treatment for your feet and calves. Your therapist will cleanse and massage your tired feet with the essential oil of your choice leaving you nourished and re-energized.


$40 15 min.

This 15 minute add-on stimulates and balances your entire system by a unique method of pressure to specific reflex points on your feet.


Refresh Facial

$95 30 Min.

Short on time? Our professional Estheticians will treat you to an express version of our customized facial. The cleanse, masque, and moisturizer will leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed.

Customized Facial

$140 60 Min.

Custom tailored for your skin type, let our Estheticians feed your skin with hand-picked, hand-made Eminence Organic Skin Care products. Breathe in the incredibly fresh aroma while treating your skin to these natural, pure vitamin infusions. The selection addresses a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging, sun damage, loss of vitality, tone, and radiance. Your skin type is carefully analyzed and then the various organic products including cleansers, exfoliants, toners, masques, serums, and moisturizers are used to give you a truly customized facial treatment.

Facial Enhancements

(no extra time, just added goodness!)

Organic Botox

$20 0 min.

With Eminence Organic Skin Care we can offer you a safe, non- invasive alternative to Botox! Using a Natural Retinol Alternative and gentle exfoliants we can help minimize the appearance of lines and help lift the fragile skin around the eyes for a brighter, more youthful appearance.

Lip Plumping

$20 0 min.

Do you crave fuller lips? Using Eminence Organic Skin Care we can enhance your natural lips using delicious fruit enzymes to stimulate your lips for a fuller, more luminous lip line!


Stress-free Acupuncture

$130 60 min.

Melt away stress and worries with a deeply relaxing acupuncture session. By inserting tiny needles in the body, this treatment will promote wellness, help realign your body’s balance, and relax your entire body. By focusing on specific acupoints, the healing touch of acupuncture will refresh your mind, body, and soul. For thousands of years this practice has been used to treat a variety of issues including chronic pain, arthritis, stress, high blood pressure, fatigue, infertility and hormonal imbalance.

Acupuncture Enhancements

(no extra time, just added goodness!)


$30 0 min.

This ancient form of alternative medicine is designed to lift and separate tissues to increase circulation and blood flow and remove toxins and stagnation from the body. Suction is created on the body using glass cups and fire. Cupping promotes healing of tight muscles and can melt away tension, especially in the shoulders and back.

Ear Treatment

$20 0 min.

Take the benefits of our acupuncture treatment home with you! Using the ear as a microsystem which reflects the entire body (similar to reflexology with your feet and hands), a small piece of adhesive with a vaccaria seed (an ancient Chinese herb) is placed on up to 5 points on the ear. Simply squeeze the seeds throughout the day to reinforce the healing benefits of your treatment. Seeds may be kept on for up to 5 days to extend the effects of the treatment.

Private Soaks

 $55 Mud 20 Min.

 $55 Lavender Salt 45 Min.

$55 Tea Soak 45 Min.

Immerse yourself in a detoxifying deep-set private bath. Create your own inspiring retreat, ensuring a path to well being for your body & soul. Choose between the healing pleasures of a mud soak, lavender salt soak or a tea infused soak.


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